Want To Serve Others? You’re Gonna Need A Permit For That




Jesus may have told his followers that giving the thirsty something to drink was akin to giving him something to drink, but what he didn’t realize was that in the state of Louisiana you’ll need a permit for that.


Church Ordered to Stop Giving Away Free Water

By Todd Starnes, Fox News

A Louisiana church was ordered to stop giving away free water along Mardi Gras parade routes because they did not have the proper permits.

“We were given a cease and desist order,” said Matt Tipton, pastor of Hope Church in Metairie, LA. “We had no idea we were breaking the law.”

Tipton said volunteers from his church were handing out free coffee and free bottles of water at two locations along a Mardi Gras parade route when they were stopped by Jefferson Parish officials. The church volunteers were cited for failing to secure an occupational license and for failure to register for a sales tax.

“It kind of threw me for a loop because they weren’t in uniform,” he said. “But once they pulled the ticket out, I was conviniced.”

“We apologized,” Tipton said. “We didn’t know the rules.”

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