Walker, Texas Ranger Was "Inspired By The Holy Spirit"




This is a clip from the 8th Annual Movieguide Awards Gala, better known as the “Christian Oscars”. The award being presented is the “Grace Prize” which is handed out for the “most inspirational performance” on television or film.

When they start announcing the nominees they all seem pretty obvious, actresses from 7th Heaven, Touched By An Angel, but then all of a sudden: Chuck Norris – Walker, Texas Ranger.

Turns out Walker, Texas Ranger was really a Christian show. At least the Christmas episode was. And according to Chuck’s wife the show was “inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

They show a clip from that episode around the 4:20 mark, which alone makes this video worth watching. But Chuck Norris’ acceptance speech, along with his wife’s impassioned plea that “millions of lives will be affected” by Chuck’s award, is definitely worth watching too.