Visions Of Guatemala


We didn’t have cable in college.

At least not my freshmen year. It wasn’t offered.

So, we watched whatever came over the air and on the weekend that meant a lot of PBS because their travel shows are so wonderfully addicted. One of my favorite shows that used to run on our local PBS station was Visions of

Visions of Italy, Visions of France, Visions of Germany, it was all the same – an incredible helicopter view tour of a European country you really, really wanted to visit, but couldn’t because you were a poor college student.

Well, I forgot my private helicopter at home when we went to Guatemala last week which means I wasn’t able to film an aerial tour for you guys.

So, instead, I thought I would tell the story of my trip by sharing some of what I saw and experienced in Guatemala with the help of the fantastic pictures my friend Matthew Paul Turner took while we were down there.


The first thing you notice about Guatemala is that it is a land covered in green, where seemingly every inch of ground is bursting with life.


And beautiful churches.


And poverty.


It’s a country full of hard working moms.


And old men toiling away in hidden corners.


And young men off to a day full of hard work and low pay.


But this is a story of letters and packages and the support and hope hidden inside.

9718639431_e1da4b7b6b_oIt’s a story about kids.


And more kids.


Kids popping up out of every corner.


Anxious to see what strange Americans are doing in their neighborhood.


It’s also the story of moms.


And how they’ll do anything to make their children happy and healthy.

But it’s also a story about how some mothers aren’t able to provide everything their child needs.

Which is why this is a story about how you can help the families of Guatemala meet their most basic needs.


And give hope and a future to incredible kids just like her.


And her.


And him.


And so many more.


All it takes is a little love and the simple click of a mouse to sponsor a child through World Vision and give them the future they deserve.

And if you aren’t able to sponsor a child right now, that’s ok too. I totally understand. Trust me, I really do.

But either way, please say a prayer for these kids and their moms and their dads and their families and their neighbors that God will continue the amazing work that is already being doing in their lives and see it through to completion.


Grace and peace,

Zack Hunt


UPDATE: I originally said my last Guatemala post would be tomorrow, however, being the moron that I am I completely forgot about the bagiliion other things I have to do tonight and the rest of this week. So, instead, please check out the stories from my fellow Guatemalan bloggers and new friends because they’re fantastic. Seriously, read them. They’re great.

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