Turn The Other Cheek…..


…….so I can hit that one too.

Do you remember the kid street preacher we highlighted a while back? Well, apparently his posse of street preachers, known as the “Watchman of Christ”, got in an all out brawl with another posse of street preachers, known as “Church on the Move”, over how you get to heaven.

At least they all agree on something……….black eye for a black eye and missing tooth for a missing tooth.


Church scuffle involves pastors

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Two pastors of opposing churches got into a knockdown, drag-out fight.

News 13 has new information on a religious group with strong opinions who protested three churches. One of those protests got out of hand. The group is known as Watchman for Christ. News 13 learned that they targeted the three churches because of disagreements on how to get to Heaven.

The group, seen in YouTube videos , brings its outspoken preaching to events and on street corners. The national leader of the group said their religion is based on a strict interpretation of the Bible.

More than 55 chapters of the Watchman are set up around the country, specializing in street preaching.

Jeremy de los Santos is one of those street preachers. He heads up the Roswell chapter, which took their boisterous opinions to the front of three different churches in town, including Church on the Move, where de los Santos used to be a member.

“A group came to our church and wanted to cause issues,” Pastor Troy Smothermon, with Church on the Move said.

Some members of the non-denominational church confronted the men and asked them to leave, that’s when it turned violent.

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