This Week In Jesus


This Week In Jesus

I came across a whole bevy of Jesus stuff this weekend, so instead of drawing it out over several separate posts I thought I would combine it all into one for your convenience so you’re easily and adequately prepared for the week ahead.

First up, did you hear that Jesus ran in the New York Marathon this weekend?

You can read all about it on Yahoo.

I assume he came in last. You know cause Jesus puts others first.

In other news, my friend Dennis shared this gem with me over the weekend.


Apparently somebody was rocking out to Britney Spears and thought, “You know, this would make the perfect soundtrack for a musical retelling of the gospels.”

Makes sense.

Ok, not really, but I would probably pay to see it cause how could you not?

And finally, this didn’t happen over the weekend, but I want this button.


If you want this button too, and you should cause it’s awesome, here’s where you can pick one up for only $1.50.

And now you’re prepared for the week ahead with full knowledge of all the important Jesus news your friends will undoubtably be talking about at the water cooler.

As an added bonus, if you buy yourself one of those sweet buttons you’ll be able to proselytize at work, save your coworkers souls, and then use that water cooler to baptize your new converts.

Trust me, your coworkers will love you for it.