There’s An App For That


Maybe you’ve found yourself sitting around just staring at the wall thinking “Boy, I sure wish I could see Jesus on that wall.”

Well, now you can!!!

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Nov. 11, 2010

— AppTech Corp is pleased to announce that its vision of Jesus app, labeled “See Jesus” is now available on Apple’s App Store for 99 cents. The “optical illusion” will display an image of Jesus on a blank surface after the viewer stares at the caricature for thirty seconds on any iPhone. AppTech also plans to release the “See Jesus” app in Brazil and the Philippines through its marketing partners in those countries.  Brazil andthe Philippines collectively have populations that are predominately Christian of which Catholicism is the main Christian denomination, exceeding 220 million followers.  Eric Ottens, CEO of AppTech, remarked: “The market for the “See Jesus” app is huge. We intend to coordinate our efforts with various Christian groups throughout the world to offer religious themed content through the various Smartphone operating platforms. Apple’s iPhone is just the beginning and in addition to the iPhone we are also planning to have our apps available on Apple’s iPad.”

Ottens added, “It is still our intention to give back a portion of our sales to charitable organizations and as previously stated, we will donate 20% of all revenue from the sale of the ‘See Jesus’ app to the American Cancer Society.”

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