The Very Rev. Russell Brand




You read that right. Russell Brand is an “ordained minister.”

We put that in quotation marks because not so shockingly his ordination comes via the internet.

As two guys who are legitimately ordained (possibly just as shocking we know) we are tempted to rant about online ordinations. Instead, we’ll just settle for a roll of the eyes, a light chuckle, and you can read the story for yourself.


A COMIC and actor, who once revealed he was addicted to sex, has become a lot closer to God – HERALD SUN

Russell Brand, who has spoken openly his sex and drug addictions, has become a minister with America’s Universal Life Church.

Brand, who once said he had sex with nine women in one night, can now perform weddings, funerals and even preach a sermon in church, the Daily Star reported.

He has already tested his skills by marrying a couple at one of his stand-up gigs. Scarlett and Will De Boor felt Brand’s holy power when they were pulled from the audience to tie the knot.

Almost anyone can be ordained in America, meaning the service was completely legal.

 “Russell has had a total turnaround since he met wife Katy Perry as her parents are super religious,” a source told the Daily Star.

“He’s been reading a lot of theological texts, especially by the Maharishi, and he wanted to take it further.

“With the Universal Life Church anyone can get ordained online and Russell did it as a half-jokey, half-serious thing.

“When he talked about it at his gig, one couple stood up and said they wanted him to marry them.

“Unfortunately the words he used during their service can’t be repeated as they were somewhat unorthodox. But it was all 100 per cent legal.”

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***If you want to check out the “ceremony” for yourself then click on the link here. BE WARNED. It’s Russell Brand and the “ceremony” is, well, exactly what you would expect from Russell Brand.***