The Unbelievable Believers: Blessed Sounds




So, we just stumbled across these songs on the old YouTube and all we can say is wow.

According to this site these are demos from Christian artists that never made it to the big time. Just take a listen and you’ll understand why.

We couldn’t decide on our favorite because, well, they’re all just so amazing. So, we picked out a few and thought we’d let you, our loyal readers, decide on a winner.

Give them each a listen, then let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

First up, Jesus Is ‘Bout To ‘Rap’ This Up

Next, we have God, Give The Devil The Measles

No Christian music collection would be complete without a call for America to repent. So, here’s the rather bizarre Come Back, America!

And last, but certainly not least Safe Sex Is Just A Fantasy

There they are in no particular order. Which one gets your Dove Award for worst Christian song ever recorded best effort?