The Evidence Bible: By Ray Comfort


Are you tired of hearing “Your Bible is a weapon against the enemy!” because you get frustrated not having the ammunition to put that weapon into action?

Well, worry no more because Ray Comfort and his buddy Kirk Cameron are here to help.

Good ‘ole Ray has grown tired of getting sidetracked by minor issues when he debates people (you know, minor issues like “facts”) and he’s guessing you feel the same way too. So, Ray has put together The Evidence Bible which will allow you to quickly flip to the “answers” you need to defeat your opponent and shame them with their own stupidity into becoming a Christian.

Of course, it’s the King James Version so you know it’s authoritative. Well, actually its the NEW King James, so it’s only slightly authoritative.

Either way, if you’re looking for quicker, easier way to beat co-workers and strangers over the head with the Bible then this Bible is for you!


**And don’t forget to turn in your bracket for the American Jesus Madness Tournament!**