The Coming Apocalypse – Sign #2



May 21, 2011 (AKA Judgement Day) is just around the corner!

So, we’re keeping an eye on things for you, looking out for any sign of our impending doom so that you can get right with Jesus before He comes back in a few weeks.

Here’s your latest sign of the apocalypse……glow in the dark pork!

Miami NewTimes – Gabriela Garcia :

There have been a lot of signs of the apocalypse lately. Earthquake in Haiti, tsunami in Japan, the Donald runs for prez. But this week’s hint at impending global doom comes courtesy of Changsha, China, where several people bought a bunch of pork, left it in their kitchens, and woke up to find it mysteriously glowing bright blue, according to the Wall Street Journal. And an English translation of the Shanghai Daily (which includes some crazy-*** pictures of the meat) states the likely culprit is phosphorescent bacteria. But the city’s health department has declared the mutant Avatarmeat “still safe to consume after cooking and heating.”

As if that weren’t apocalyptically disturbing enough, 47 percent of all beef, pork, and poultry in the United States is likely tainted with a different bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus. This was determined by a recent study that used samples of meat from supermarkets across the country. Thanks to all the antibiotics already pumped into commercial meat, this strain has become drug-resistant and is linked to all kinds of health problems including “potentially fatal illnesses,” according to the study. And though that meat has also been determined safe to eat after cooking at a proper temperature, there can still be cross-contamination via hands, cutting boards, and knives.

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