The Christian Version of Facebook




So I’m thumbing through my email the other day and I come across a link somebody sent me via YouTube.

As I do with all the emailed links I receive from strangers I clicked on it, hoping that it might lead to an investment opportunity with a Nigerian prince.

Sadly, I did not get rich.

However, I did come across something rather amusing:

Apparently it is the “Christian version of Facebook.”

Sort of confusing to this guy because I always assumed that since Jesus has multiple profiles on Facebook that Facebook was the Christian version of Facebook.

Anyway, I haven’t bothered to sign up and explore the site beyond what you can access from the homepage, but it looks, um, interesting(?) nonetheless.

Just like the real Facebook this site has exciting groups you can become a part of including: Creation Science Club, Having Authority Over Disease And Sickness, and Hoosiers for Him. (Seriously. We didn’t make any of those up.)

Speaking of Facebook……have you done your Christian duty and liked The American Jesus on Facebook yet??