The 2014 American Jesus Madness Champion Is….


With a commanding 61% of the votes Mark Sandlin has become the champion of American Jesus Madness for an unprecedented second year in a row!!

Congratulations are also do to our 2014 American Jesus Madness bracket winner Rick Riedel!! With 109 points, he came from behind to stun the field at the end by correcting predicting Mark Sandlin would repeat as champ!!

Congrats Rick!!

A big congrats to both Mark and Rick and an even bigger thank you to everyone that casted a vote (or several) this year!! It was a record breaking year all the way around from votes (over 223,000 cast!!!) to visitors to bracket entries. And I am incredibly grateful for everyone that participated, especially our contestants for being such good sports about it.

I hope you had as much as I did.

We’ll be back at it again next, but the meantime, do your part to bring a little more sanity to the madness that is American Christianity.

It might make for a less amusing bracket, but if that happens, we all win.