Taking It All Off…..For Church??





I really, really, really hope the senior adult ministry at my church doesn’t try this fundraiser.

Church men bare more than souls

By Amanda Cedrone
The Boston Globe

Watch out, Chippendales. A few men from Framingham are baring it all, almost, in a 2012 calendar. 

The First Parish Celebration 2012 calendar features 12 of the church’s male parishioners between ages 64 and 87 proudly displaying their bodies.

“It’s meant to show people there is life after 65,’’ said Eva Benda, marketing coordinator for the project.

Each month the calendar features a photo of one of the men with his name, age, and a brief biography. The calendar is appropriate for all ages, Benda said.

“When you look at the picture, they’re nude,’’ she said. “But they’re strategically covered. Professional photographer Lynne Damianos, a Framingham resident and member of the parish, took the photographs.

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If you really need want one of these calenders you can buy one here. If mostly naked old men is your thing (and if it is and you’re not an old lady then, yes, we are judging you),  you can see a preview of the calendar here.

As for me, I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to wipe this image from my memory.