Stories, Columns, And Gay Marriage


Did I tell you I’m writing a new monthly column?

Well, I am.

The good folks over at A Deeper Story invited me to come share my thoughts on a faith and politics in a monthly series I’m calling Church & State: The Politics of Faith.

It’s an extension of many of the things I write about here at The American Jesus that I hope you will enjoy. But if you don’t, then check out the many other great writers over at A Deeper Story. They’ve got a ton of them.

Anyway, here’s a snippet of my first Church & State post that just went up this morning. Check it out and let me know what you think.

When I opened up Facebook on Tuesday my newsfeed was saturated with little red squares with equal signs on them.

A little later it was filled with little red squares with equal signs and new little red squares with crosses on them.

A little bit after that my newsfeed was filled with little red squares with equal signs, little red squares with crosses, and so many other variations of red squares and symbols that I couldn’t track.

I’m guessing your newsfeed looked pretty similar.

To be really honest I found it all to be incredibly frustrating.

Not because of my position on gay marriage, after all it didn’t matter what your position was on Tuesday there were plenty of little red memes to get under your skin regardless of what your personal beliefs might be.

No, what really frustrated me was….