Smoky Mountain Adventures


I just got back from a weekend in Gatlinburg with my youth group. I’ve been there several times before and am well aware of the tacky tourist atmosphere, but I had no idea it was such a hotbed of American Christian paraphernalia. Here are just a few of my favorites.

First up, a couple of tshirts.

This first one isn’t too earth shatteringly amazing, but what makes it more amusing is the fact that it, along with the other shirt, was being sold in a “China Bazaar” along with nunchucks, throwing stars, gunswords (you read that right), and “water pipes.”


Out of the two shirts, this one below was my favorite. Don’t understand the Bible? It’s probably because you aren’t “reading between the lines”.


Finally the piece de resistance. We’ve all seen the family stickers people put on the back of their car windows. Stick figures meant to represent mom and dad, however many kids, and the family dog. This was the first one that I have seen that also thought to included Jesus, or at least the cross. If you look really carefully you can tell it’s a proper Christian family because dad has a tie on and mom is wearing a skirt.


Thank you Gatlinburg for your no cost entertainment.