Skiing With Jesus


Jesus has been showing up in a lot of places lately: an iron, a rocking chair, lots of different pieces of toast.

Well, now it appears He’s making an appearance at a ski resort in Montana. Except this time it’s for real!

From the Billings Gazette:

WHITEFISH — Having made cameo appearances in taco shells and coffee splotches, it should come as little surprise that Jesus — or his likeness — would alight on Big Mountain.

Still, skiers and snowboarders have been known to pinch themselves when they round the bend at the top of Whitefish Mountain Resort’s Chair 2 and, through a miasma of snow and fog, glimpse the statue of Jesus Christ.

Closer inspection reveals that the sighting is not a phantasm, but rather a painted stone figure that, according to a recently installed bronze plaque, has graced the mountain for nearly 60 years.

So clear an account was not always close at hand, however, and the absence of any historical context left skiers confounded by the statue’s inexplicable presence — though curiosities were typically well met with a (sometimes irreverent) photograph beside Christ’s likeness and a humorous story to tell friends.

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