Skate Church: ‘King of the Hill’ Episode Becomes Reality




Nothing against the guy leading this ministry. I’m sure he’s doing great stuff, but this story from the LA Times was literally an episode of King of the Hill.

First the story.

By Mike Miller
Times Community News 

It was sundown in a mostly deserted parking lot tucked off Westminster Boulevard. The skateboarders had stopped, as they do every Thursday, to listen to the man with the Bible.

A single lamppost shone over the makeshift skate park, where ramps and wooden ledges sporting the words Gravity Youth covered the parking spaces. Two dozen or so skateboards lay on the ground as their owners sat on the curb. Aaron Morgan asked how many people had come for the first time. One hand shot up.

“All right, guys,” Morgan said. “This is skate church, so whether you like it or not, I’m going to preach the word of God to you.”

A stack of pizza boxes sat at the end of the curb, but Morgan, the youth leader at the Sanctuary in Westminster, made it clear they wouldn’t be opened until he finished speaking. As the sky went from hazy to dark, he held forth about hypocrisy, free will, Jesus’ sacrifice and the perils of apathy.

Morgan guessed that most of the teenagers were congregation members of the Sanctuary, a church with heavy ties to the skateboarding world. He would welcome more newcomers without ties to the church. He told the boys to each bring a friend next time.

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Now for the aforementioned episode of King of the Hill.

It’s really scary how similar they are…