Sign of the Apocalypse #5 – Baptist Church Hires Female Pastor




Well, it’s official. The world is definitely ending this weekend.

We may have been able to discount some of the signs in the past as mere coincidence, but this one has to prove it.

A Baptist church in Roanake, VA has done the unthinkable and hired a female pastor!!

Ahh!! The humanity!! Somebody call Mark Driscoll!!

It’s like they’re trying to take Paul seriously when he said in Christ there is neither male nor female, or worse they are actually trying to be like Jesus and use women in ministry.

The end is nigh!!!


At Sweet Union, a rare match of Baptist church and female pastor

By Jorge Valencia | The Roanoke Times

For years, Sylvia Ball wrestled with the outlaw living inside her.

It peeked out about two decades ago, when the pastor of her traditional Baptist congregation — her spiritual mentor — said he saw no place for women in the ministry. Ball felt a calling to the ministry, so she acknowledged the outlaw to herself.

“I thought I’d kind of wait on God and see what happens,” Ball said recently.

The outlaw wouldn’t be silenced.

Ball, 56, who began preaching as pastor of the venerable Sweet Union Baptist Church in northwest Roanoke this month, is the first female to lead a major black Baptist congregation in the city. Her appointment signals to a changing attitude toward female clergy in the region, especially for Baptists, the largest Protestant denomination.

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