Real Actors Read Christian Forums

I’ll get back to the Blogmatics series tomorrow (I’ll be talking about church in case you’re wondering), but a friend of mine shared this with me and I would be remiss not to share it with you.

If you haven’t seen these short videos already, then you’re in for a treat.

Especially if you’ve ever read a thread in a Christian forum, comments on a Christian blog, or any other place on the internet where Christians get to share their thoughts.

The premise is simple.

The group Gotta Kid to Feed brought together a few actors to dramatize some of the more ridiculous, but entirely real comments that have been left in various Christian forums.

The results, not surprisingly, are pretty hilarious.

They’ve made 5 videos in the series so far. I’ve posted my 3 favorites below, so make sure you check out their YouTube channel to see the rest.

You’ll be glad you did.

First up, a truth bomb about evolution….

Next, we learn how atheists are dumber than computers….

And finally, did you know apes aren’t real?

Like I said, the whole series is great. So make sure you check out their YouTube channel for the other 2 videos.


  • Ryan Robinson

    Oh my. The first and third ones I have heard the general idea a lot (other than apes not even existing) and as ridiculous as it is it didn’t phase me much. The second one, though, just blew my mind and almost made me cry with its stupidity combined with the actor putting in the right amount of emotion.

  • Megan

    Oh my goodness…these are brilliant. The music just makes it perfect.

  • Eric

    “How come we can’t speak monkey”

    • Jan Moyer

      my fave, too. And her eyebrow raise was perfect!

  • Tom LeGrand

    Honestly, as I went further down the list (part. the last one on YouTube channel), I found myself laughing less and less. It was actually depressing, both for Christianity and humanity, that this is the “logic” that’s being put out there. I felt the sudden urge to put on sackcloth, repent, and spend a season in prayer. Except I don’t think I have any sackcloth.

  • Gary W. Longsine
    • Justin Mitchell

      Ohhhhhh wow.
      Maybe that guy works nights and sleeps during the day?

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  • Justin Mitchell

    “No one ever caught an ape.”
    You can tell she’s fighting laughter. Hahaha!