A New Device To Protect Your TV From Blasphemy




At least that’s the goal of Focus on the Family and TVGuardian.

This little device has been around for a while, but now it appears they have taken the next step in  theological technology by figuring out a way to filter out “religious slurs” from the programs you watch. So, I assume that means Mark Driscoll will be muted every time he appears on TV??

I wonder how they determine what is or is not a religious slur? Maybe they have presets you select from during the setup process?

CHOOSE YOUR RELIGION: Christian/Jewish/Muslim

ARE YOU?: Protestant/Catholic

CHOOSE YOUR THEOLOGICAL TRADITION: Calvinist/Wesleyan/Lutheran/Presbyterian/Non-denominational

WHICH PASTOR BEST DESCRIBES YOU?: Mark Driscoll/Rob Bell/Joel Osteen/Rick Warren

(WARNING: If you select “Mark Driscoll” your television will shut down and be rendered permanently inoperable as all things coming from Hollywood are demonic in nature)

Christians Back TV Device to Censor Religious Slurs, Profanity

By Eryn Sun | Christian Post Correspondent

What if there was a mute button for every single objectionable word mentioned on television?

For parents everywhere, there may finally be an answer.

Focus on the Family is teaming up with TVGuardian to provide clean entertainment choices for families through the TVGuardian filter, a device that eliminates objectionable language from television shows.

Penned as a “foul language filter” for HDTV’s, the device seeks to protect children not only from all foul language, but also from offensive religious slurs, sexual references, and other inappropriate phrases.

“Parents are continuously bombarded with media messages that are at odds with how they are raising their children,” Rich Bennett, vice president of Focus on the Family’s Strategy Office, said in a statement Wednesday.

“Many are at a loss as to how to combat this as technology advances and objectionable entertainment content increases. TVGuardian is an essential resource in helping parents create positive, safe entertainment experiences that affirm their family values.”

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