Preaching In A Kiddie Pool


We’re continuing the bad object lesson theme from the other day with what may just be the most awkward sermon we’ve ever seen.

Apparently the pastor was trying to make a point about wearing nice clothes not being what it means to give your best for Jesus. Fair enough, that’s a great point.

However, it all goes downhill from there. First he starts randomly spraying himself with water. No idea what that’s about.

Then he decides to jump into a kiddie pool mid sermon. It seems he thought he would take the “submerge yourself in Christ” thing literally.

What makes this so awkward is his attempt to be serious in the pool. We’re all about using humor in the church, but you can’t do something funny, then go uber-serious while you’re still doing it and start screaming at people. Oh yeah, and then pray while you’re still standing in the pool.

I never thought I would use this phrase, but I think this one definitely qualifies as an “epic fail.”