Pocket Sized Garage Sale – SOLD OUT!!!


The summer after I graduated college I did a youth ministry internship in Venice, FL.

One day while me and the guys I was working with were wondering through a Christian bookstore we came across a book called Pocket Guide To The Apocalypse. It was (and is) exactly what it sounds like. A guide to everything end times. It was as hilarious as it was insightful. Ever since that day I’ve been a fan of Jason Boyett and his writing.

As I’ve had the chance to get to know Jason over the past year it’s been no surprise to discover that he is just as funny and insightful as his books.

I’ve also learned since that summer day so long ago that Jason has an entire series of Pocket Guides, including one on the Bible.

That’s what this post is about.

The other day Jason posted a pic on his Facebook wall of a huge stack of books he’s having to store in his garage. That’s the picture he posted in the background of the image above.

To make a long story short, in order to rerelease his Pocket Guide to the Bible with a new publisher, Jason had to buy back all the old copies from his old publisher. That’s a lot of books. Seriously.

As it stands today Jason has a little over 1,400 copies of his fantastic book Pocket Guide to the Bible just sitting in his garage looking for a new home.

Unbeknownst to Jason, at least until he reads this post, some friends of mine and I (here, here, here, and here and more to come) have decided to help him out. But we need your help.

Over the next 2 weeks (starting today and going through Monday May 20th) we want to sell all 1,400+ copies of Jason’s books for him so he can finally get his garage cleaned out and start using it as a garage instead of a giant book closet.

Just to be clear, we have no stake in this whatsoever other than trying to help a friend. In other words, we’re not getting any cut of the profits. We just don’t want our friend to keep having to be a literary hoarder.

The best part of this is it means a sweet deal for you.

The book is only $4 AND Jason will sign personally sign your copy!!

(Yes, we volunteered him without asking.)

The book is fantastic for group study too. So if you’re a pastor, small group leader, or Sunday School teacher we’ve got a sweet deal if you want to buy in bulk. You can get an entire box of 48 books for only $48. That’s only $1 a box!!

Need more?

We’ve got you covered.

Buy a box of 75 and it’s only $70. That’s less than $1 a book!!

You seriously can’t beat this deal.

But there’s one catch – YOU CAN’T BUY THEM ON AMAZON.

Yes, the book is available on Amazon, but it’s the rerelease, not the copies piled up in Jason’s garage. Plus, those copies aren’t signed. But, don’t worry, both versions are exactly the same.

So, help us help our friend.

Go to the Big Cartel page we’ve set up and buy a copy of Pocket Guide to the Bible today. Better yet, buy a box!!

Just remember – this awesome sale only lasts for a couple of weeks or until all the copies have been sold.

So, don’t wait, buy your copy today!!


UPDATE: We’re almost sold out of books!! We’ve only got about 300 left (thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s purchased a book or several), so don’t wait! Buy you copy before they’re all gone!!

UPDATE #2: We’re SOLD OUT!!! A HUGE WORD OF THANKS to everyone who bought a copy or an entire case. We really appreciate it. We seriously couldn not have done this without YOUR help!!