Pat Robertson Challenges Matt Walsh For Worst Response Ever To Robin Williams’ Suicide


The only thing that’s surprising about this clip is that it took so long for Pat Robertson to weigh in on the tragic death of Robin Williams.

(At least I assume this is recent because I haven’t seen it before today.)

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named infamously claimed that Robin Williams died because he chose not to be joyful.

So what’s Robertson’s take on the situation?

Robin Williams died because he wasn’t a Christian.

Had Williams been a Christian, Robertson says, he wouldn’t have worshipped “the god of the heathens” – in this case fame and wealth. Because Christians never chase fame or money. Therefore, Pat argues, Had Williams let God fill him he would still be alive because “God won’t disappoint you and you won’t want to commit suicide.”

In other words, according to Pat Robertson, Christians don’t get depressed and they certainly don’t commit suicide.

Is there like an island or, even better, another planet that we could send Pat Robertson and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to so we never have to listen to their opinions on anything ever again?


Oh well, a boy can dream.