Pastor Tames Wild Horse During Church…Literally


So, I’m genuinely curious what you think about this.

Yesterday, the associate pastor of Solid Rock Church in Ohio, Lawrence Bishop, “tamed” a wild horse in the middle of the sanctuary during his sermon to teach an object lesson about overcoming obstacles.

I say “tamed” ’cause Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, at least not in 10 minutes.

Anyway, essentially what this pastor did was take a generic object lesson and turn it into a literal generic object lesson.

I’m wondering, if this was your church, considering this probably wasn’t a particularly cheap stunt, I mean object lesson too pull off, would you be ok with it?

In other words, do you see this as a wasteful use of church funds or a creative way to drive home a message with a scene people aren’t likely to forget for a long, long time?

Just for some context, but mostly because you kinda HAVE to see it, this is also the church that thought erecting this 50 foot tall statue of Jesus coming of the ground like a zombie was a good use of church funds….after the first 50 foot tall statue of Jesus burned down