New Comic Book: ‘Punk Rock Jesus’


Well this looks, um, interesting….

Losing his religion: Murphy crafts sci-fi ‘Punk Rock Jesus’

By Brian Truitt, USA Today

His new Vertigo Comics miniseries Punk Rock Jesus imagines a futuristic world of 2019 where the birth of a clone of Jesus Christ is the star of a reality show — called The J2 Project— and, as a teenager complete with Mohawk, rebels against the people and system that created him.

“You think about what would they do if they cloned Jesus? The answer quickly came to me: ‘Oh, they’d turn it into a reality show. They’d make it more interesting for better ratings and basically this thing would turn into a giant Super Bowl every day and would just grab the world’s attention.’ It wrote itself, in a sense,” says Murphy, who writes and illustrates Punk Rock Jesus. (The first issue is out now, and the second is available in comic shops and digitally Aug. 8.)

The book covers 14 years in the life of Chris, who is born out of a modern-day equivalent to the immaculate conception: Pieces of DNA are scraped off the Shroud of Turin, fused with an egg and are inserted into a virgin girl found via nationwide audition.

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