Mars Hill Church Needs A Youth Director – Apply Here!


A couple of weeks ago Matthew Paul Turner leaked a Mars Hill ‘discipline contract’ along with a subsequent internal memo to members instructing them about how to interact with the excommunicated former member.

Well, yesterday Mark Driscoll tweeted that Mars Hill is looking to hire a new Youth Director. While that is in no way connected to the discipline contract, there is another leak involved.

If you are interested in the job you must register with the church’s website in order to access the job application.

However, we have created a satirical work of fiction that is in no way the actual job description or application leaked this secretive application for all to see. So, if you’re interested in joining the Mars Hill staff or just wanted to know what it takes to work there, you can check out the application below.

Not surprisingly, just like Mars Hill itself, it’s not your average job application…..