Mark Driscoll Tweets the Most Mark Driscoll Thing Ever.



Your Magic Won't Help You Here, Sissy!


Last night, @PastorMark gave us what it easily our favorite Driscoll tweet to date:


Secretly, we are hoping for a string of similar tweets from Pastor Mark. Here are some of our suggestions:

Met a former spousal abuser today. Became a Christian and now only emotionally abuses women. Yup. He’s elect

Met a former feminist today. Saw the light and now says women’s place is in the kitchen. Yup. She’s elect.

Met a former member of a boy band today. Gave me all his old, tight-fitting t-shirts. Yup. He’s elect.

Met a former emergent today. Told me he thought Rob Bell was a total queer. Yup. He’s elect.

Met a lady in my congregation today. Had a vision of her cheating on her husband. Told her she had a great rack. Yup, she’s select.

What awesome Driscoll tweets can you come up with?