Ken Ham Busted With Darwin Book


AJAF News-
In what is being described as a “shocking blow” to the creationist community Creation Museum founder Ken Ham was busted at the Louisville International Airport carrying a copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species.

Mr. Ham would have passed safely through security had he not been spotted by devoted creationist and grandmother of 6 Esther Thomas. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was THE Ken Ham with Satan’s Bible in his hand! I asked him why he had that awful book in his hands thinking he was intending to burn it as all good christians should but he looked at me and said ‘You know, it’s actually a pretty good book. Mr. Darwin made some good points. I think I may becoming a believer!”

Airport authorities confirmed that Mrs Thomas was treated by paramedics for fainting from her traumatic encounter.

It is not know yet what effect this news will have on the creationist community or how funding for Ham’s Noah’s ark park will be hurt, if at all. Mrs. Thomas made it clear that she will be canceling the $7.00 check she donated to the park.

When reached for comment famous atheist Richard Dawkins said “It is so good to finally have Mr. Ham join the dark side.”