John Crowder – The YouTube Prophet




So I just watched this video over at JesusNeedsNewPR and Christian Nightmares about a “preacher” named John Crowder and was really confused. Some kind of super bizarre “communion service” or something. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Anyway, it got me curious: “Who the heck is John Crower?”

So, I turned to the old, reliable Google and what I found made me even more confused.

Instead of reposting a bunch of the bizarro, non-sensical, and non-Christian garbage he’s peddling, I thought I’d share this fascinating segment that Current TV did on him a little while back.

It does a great job of giving you an idea about what this clown is about (as much as that is possible). It’s about 25 min long, but it is absolutely fascinating.

What may be even more unbelievable than this guy’s “approach to the faith”, is the fact that LOTS of people are actually buying in to what he’s saying.

At one point a woman says “What I love about John is, I just see a guy who isn’t divorced from the God he’s talking about. He seems to be living it.”

Well, if that is Christianity, then I’ll be the first to renounce my faith.