Jesus: The Video Game




As Christians we talk a lot about being like Jesus.

Well, now you can actually be Jesus!

Sort of.

A company called Lightside Games has created a game for Facebook called “Journey of Jesus: The Calling” in which “players travel with Jesus through the Gospels, exploring the world of the Holy Land in that day. From the politics and history, gamers can get an education along the way. They must work together with friends to crate a community and collaborate.

While you gamers out there will probably pick up on the Diablo III reference in the ad below, if the ad is true and you really do get to fight the devil, then I think I’ve found the first Facebook game I’m actually interested in playing!

Anyway, if you’ve always hated Philippians 2 and you’re just dying to try your hand at being the Lord of Universe, then click on over to the Journey of Jesus Facebook page for more info.

Or if you’re still on the fence about being an animated savior, you can watch the preview below before deciding whether or not being the Messiah is in your near future.

(Found at Christian Nightmares)