Jesus Endorses Corona Beer?


The remnant of the beer case a man found on the street in Florida was in the shape of a fish.

On the backside of that remnant of a case was a white blotch that looks vaguely like the outline of a famous mid-20th century portrait of Jesus.

The fish was an early symbol of the Christian faith.

Christians today often think of themselves as a “remnant” of God’s people.

Sure, nobody knows what he looked like, but the face of Jesus is, well, the face of Jesus.

The only obvious conclusion?

This is a random piece of trash with no spiritual significance whatsoever. Jesus loves Corona beer so much he fashioned a case of it into a fish and plastered an abstract portrait of himself on the inside for good measure.

The most interesting man in the world may drink Dos Equis, but apparently the savior of the world drinks Corona.


What would Jesus brew? Man says image of Jesus appeared on beer case

By Max, Wintiz, ABC 7

BRADENTON, Fla. – Faith can be found in all sorts of places — even on a case of Corona beer, according to one man from Bradenton. That’s where he says he discovered an image of Jesus….but that’s not all.

We’ve heard these stories before; pictures of Jesus appearing on fruit, potato chips, and in one case — even a sting ray. But this seems to be a new one.

It was an out of the ordinary discovery during an ordinary walk, says Bradenton resident Fred Truluck. “I was on my way back from walking my dog, and looked to my right. There on the ground was a fish.”

Actually, it was a section of a Corona beer case, in the shape of a fish.

Truluck, a devout Christian, took the case home because of the religious symbolism of the fish. That doesn’t even compare to what he discovered next. “I had it on the table, turned it over to the back, for some reason, and I said, ‘Wow! There is Jesus!’”

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