I’m Visiting ‘A Deeper Story’ Today


You may recall that I started writing a monthly faith and politics column called Church & State for the good folks at A Deeper Story.

If you forgot, don’t worry. So did I. Which is why I didn’t write a Church & State post last month. :)

Well, I got my act together this month and remembered to write my column.

This month’s post is called “The Problem Of Evil Is Hanging In Your Closet.”

Check out a preview below, then click through to read the rest of the post and find out why your closet may be scarier than you realized.

The Problem Of Evil Is Hanging In Your Closet

In the midst of all the scandalous news surrounding the IRS, Benghazi, and AP phone records, chances are you’ve already forgotten about the clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh. Between a 24-hour news cycles and our natural penchant for news that directly affects our lives, it’s really no surprise this story has all but disappeared from the news cycle.

But therein lies the problem.

That clothing factory collapse on the other side of the world is actually more directly connected to your life and my life than any of those other high profile American-centric stories.


Because the clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed because of what is hanging in our closets.

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