‘Hipster Church’ – No Longer A Meme, It’s Now A Real Thing!




Yeah, we can rhyme in our headlines.

Boom! We just did it again.

Jay-Z,  where’s our record deal?!

Anyway, it looks like somebody took Brett McCracken’s book Hipster Christianity pretty seriously. Hipster Church is literally this church’s name.

You can visit the church’s website here.

Here’s the pastor….

And here’s their story….

Finally, A Hipster Church For Hipster Christians

Look at that old church, getting hip to the know! After forgiving John Lennon a few years back, organized religion today made another attempt to be cool, this time at the hands of a 37-year-old self-described “hipster” reverend who founded something called the Hipster Church, which is a story we are absolutely not making up.

Rev. Gage Jung is the head of a new group of worshippers at his Hipster Church in Flushing. “We’re not trying to make a church like the one your parents went to. We’re trying to make a church for our generation,” said Jung in an interview. What that means, according to the Daily News article, is services to the sounds of a religiously-inclined indie band, with a Bible iPhone app, and “an informal mingling where participants listen to indie rockers like MGMT and Arcade Fire.” Gage has currently only recruited about 32 people (how is it possible there aren’t hundreds of other hipster Christians out there?!) but hopes to have a walloping 100 by this fall.

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*If this church’s name offends your hipster sensibilities, then have now fear. Apparently, there’s a rival hipster church in the New York area which is even more hipster because they didn’t make the obvious faux pas of using “hipster” in the church’s name. It’s called Resurrection Presbyterian Church.