Herman Cain: Liberals Killed Jesus




Gotta love you some Herman Cain. You never know what he’s gonna say next…….and neither does he.

Although, in fairness he apparently made this claim last year. So, technically it’s not “what he’s gonna say next”, it’s what he’s already said.

Entertaining, nonetheless.

Herman Cain: Jesus Was Killed By A ‘Liberal Court’

By Luke Johnson
The Huffington Post

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain wrote last December in a RedState column titled “The Perfect Conservative” that Jesus was killed by a “liberal court.”

The column claims Jesus as a conservative. “He helped the poor without one government program. He healed the sick without a government health care system. He feed the hungry without food stamps,” wrote Cain. “For three years He was unemployed, and never collected an unemployment check.”

Cain then describes Jesus’ death:

But they made Him walk when He was arrested and taken to jail, and no, He was not read any Miranda Rights. He was arrested for just being who He was and doing nothing wrong. And when they tried Him in court, He never said a mumbling word. He didn’t have a lawyer, nor did He care about who judged Him. His judge was a higher power. The liberal court found Him guilty of false offences and sentenced Him to death, all because He changed the hearts and minds of men with an army of 12.

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