Have You Ever Been To An Oh By The Way Church?


Have you ever been to an Oh By The Way church?

Chances are good that if you live in America you probably have.

Or at least you’ve driven by one because we LOVE Oh By The churches in the good ole USA and just can’t seem to stop building them.

And why not?

They’re awesome.

They’ve got an endless array of facilitates, opportunities, and activities to keep you busy, fed, and entertained till you’re heart’s content.

Still not sure what I’m talking about?

No worries. I’ve got some visuals to help you out.

Via the good folks at AL.com (where all these pictures come from), my friend Stephanie over at Stuff Christian Culture Likes recently featured a fantastic, brand spanking new Oh By The Way church that perfectly captures everything that makes them great.

You see, Faith Chapel Christian Center has got it all.

They’ve got an indoor playground for the youngins.

An arcade for the slightly older youngins.

A giant rock wall for the young at heart.

Complete with ornamental giraffe for, you know, safety and what not.

Oh, you’re not a kid? You’re an adult?

No worries. They’ve got you covered.

They’ve got a fitness center too.

And a room for dance classes or yoga or maybe Jazzercise.

And, fun for the whole family, they’ve got a 12 lane bowling alley.

Forgot your bowling shoes at home?

No worries. They’ve got a few extras.

And what bowling alley would be complete without a statue of bowling Jesus?

Or maybe that’s Joshua, you know, cause he knocked down the walls of Jericho??

Anyway, all that bowling got you hungry?

Well, they’ve got a snack bar too.

And did I mention they’ve also got a tribute to Epcot?

And an observation tower for seeing stuff.

And oh, by the way they’re also a church.

At least I think they’re a church.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell these days.