Happy 4th Of July!!

Here’s something from the vault to help you celebrate Independence Day the right way.

With a patriotic song and dance from the one and only Chrisagis Brothers.

You’re welcome America.

  • http://www.braintarts.wordpress.com/ MichaelL65

    I’ve seen many things in my journey on this old sod, but, nothing quite like that. Now I cannot unsee it.

  • Juanatab

    What the choreographer doesn’t know is that most of the time people that dance with chairs don’t wear their clothes all the way through the song.

    (I may have crossed the line? I’ll behave if I’m allowed to comment again someday.)

    • Steve

      No, that was perfect :)

    • SusanRogersStLaurent

      They could’ve at least spanked each other or something.

  • Sharideth

    Oh My God.