Halloween: Trick or Treat?




Halloween is only a week away, so we felt it was imperative to get this warning out to everyone.

As you may have suspected, Halloween is nothing more than a gateway to the occult. Dress your children up in costumes and they will eventually become Satanists.

Don’t believe us? Check out the interview with the former Satan worshiper at the 6:17 mark.

He may look cool, calm, and collected now, but there was a time when he was ready to sacrifice your children to the dark lord. And we’re not talking about Voldemort.

Speaking of which, you’re children and animals will probably be abducted next weekend. (See 12:40 mark)

As an extra bonus, at the 12:53 mark you get to see footage from an “actual” witch/druid/probably Satanic ritual. That way there should be no doubt in your mind that dressing your children up like Pokemon is an act of Satan worship.

Happy Halloween!