Glory School




Do you find yourself thinking, “Gee whiz I wish I had access to the realm of glory so I could heal the sick, raise the dead, get rich, and speak in tongues”?

Well, Patricia King is here to help with the Deathly Hallows her “Glory School.”

Seems that she hung out with the Holy Spirit for 30 days a while back, during which the Spirit taught her how to “step into the realm”. That’s a long time to be hanging out with the Spirit. I wonder what they did when they weren’t stepping into the realm of glory.

Starbucks? Maybe they caught a movie? Never ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden. Well, maybe not the last one. I want to think the Holy Spirit has better taste than that.

I guess you’ll just have to sign up for Glory School to find out what happened. Good luck with that.

 Found at Christian Nightmares