Fundie Friday part 32




It doesn’t matter how softly you talk about your sexist views, you’re still sexist.

Also, the statement “we see it in 1 Timothy and a number of other places” is flat out false.

Is “women shouldn’t be elders” in one passage in 1 Timothy? Yes.

Does this idea appear in “a number of other places” in the Bible? Absolutely not.

This is the sort of throw away line that misogynistic, fundie Calvinists use to justify stances that really don’t have much Biblical support.

In fact, if you actually take the time to look at the entire narrative of scripture, instead cherry picking verses that serve your agenda, then you would see just how important of a role women play not only in the ministry of Jesus, but even in the ministry of the supposedly sexist Paul.

Speaking of which, while I’m not a fan of John Dominic Crossan, just yesterday he wrote a really interesting article of this very topic of Paul’s views on women. You can read it here.