Fundie Friday part 31




Fundie Friday is back!!

Today we learn that if you’re really a Christian you would home school your kids or at least send them to a fundie private school. Otherwise, if they go to one of those pagan public schools, then they’ll probably end up in hell.

My personal favorite part: “The Bible has something different to teach us about education. We are told that we are responsible for teaching our children.”

Translation: “I don’t know where it says that in the Bible, but my pastor told me it did and as a true Christian I never ask questions.”

For the sake of argument, I’ll help this guy out. The passage (or at least one of the passages) I think he is trying to reference is Deuteronomy 6 in which God commands the people of Israel to teach their children the story of the faith (“you once were slaves in Egypt”) when they lie down and when they rise, tie it around your forehead, write it on your doorpost, etc.

Absolutely, parents should “instruct their children in the faith.”

But the idea that a stay at home mom with nothing more than a high school diploma is equally qualified to teach subjects like biology, history, algebra, etc. as someone who has a graduate or doctoral degree in those fields is, at best, intellectually dishonest.

Are public, or for that matter private schools, perfect? Of course not. Especially since the advent of No Child Left Behind, but that’s a rant for another day.

But, for the sake of your children and the future of civilization itself, please, please, please, let someone teach them science other than Ken Ham.