Fundie Friday- part 24


Since mentioning Rob Bell is an easy way to drive website hits up (kind of like typing something like “JESSICA ALBA NAKED” somewhere in your post- see what I did there?), today’s Fundie Friday is dedicated to the deluge of uninformed knee-jerk reactions to a video where Rob Bell asks questions to a camera.  Seriously.  That’s all he did.

Anyways, I cant prove this- but I’m pretty sure the guy in this video is Ray Comfort’s love-child.  He’s even got a similar accent.  The only difference between the two that I can see is that Ray Comfort owns a comb.

Enjoy the video and be impressed that this unkempt young man is is fortunate enough to have all of this theology/Bible/Faith/BooksThatHaven’tBeenReleasedYet stuff figured out at such a young age.

Do yourself a favor and make it to the 7:45 mark when he goes on his “PEACE FROM WHAT?!” rant.

If you are interested in hear part 2 of his critique, you can find it here.