Fundie Friday – part 19


So apparently if you’re a fundamentalist Christian and you want a “relevant” way to communicate your message you turn to computer animation. We saw it in abundance yesterday with the prophecy videos and we see it again today for Fundie Friday.

This time we’re learning about “evilution”. That’s not a typo, at least not on my part. That’s how they spell it in the video.

As all “good” creationist presentations go this one begins with the premise that evolutionary theory is intrinsically evil. Then a bunch of scientific facts are “debunked”, not by opposing “facts” but rhetoric. This video in particular doen’t even bother to venture into the world of pseud0-science. It just declares that thingslike radio carbon dating aren’t true. Or my personal favorite: if you believe we evolved from apes then you have to believe we also evolved from rocks.

Apparently all you need to do anymore is declare that something is or isn’t true and it is. No need to back your statements up with messy things like “facts” and “evidence”. At least that’s what I’ve learned from TV and the internet.

The video ends as all good scientific discussions do with a salvation pitch.