Friendly Reminder – The World Ends On Friday, Oct 21st




You may have forgotten about ole’ Harold Camping and his apocalyptic predictions, but fear not! We’re here to remind you that the apocalypse is nigh.

How nigh?

This Friday nigh!

(Note: this is the apocalypse, not the rapture. For thoughts on that click here)

Sure, Harold Camping may not have gotten it right the first time…..or the second time. But “third time’s the charm” right?

So, in support of Mr. Camping we put this little billboard together a little while back.

It seems, that for this apocalyptic go around Camping and friends won’t be putting up billboards around the country. So, this is where YOU can help!

Well, that is if you have some extra scratch laying around and are up for a good joke. If that’s you and you have more money than you know what to do with, then for the sake of the world will you please put this billboard up in your community??

We don’t want anyone to miss the apocalypse!