Forgot About Valentine’s Day? Here’s What You Do…..




Today is Valentine’s Day.

Personally, my wife and I choose to celebrate on the 15th of February. Why?

Because all of the Valentine’s Day candy is half off!

But if your significant other expects you to celebrate today and you somehow managed to forget that today is Valentine’s Day, fear not! We have your solution.

You could rush out and buy overpriced chocolate and roses. Or you could desperately try to find a dinner reservation somewhere nice. (Good luck with that)

Or……you could save yourself a lot of time and money, not just this year, but forever if instead you have your significant other sit down and watch this video.

In this brief video he or she will learn that Valentine’s Day is in fact a pagan holiday which “true” Christians should not be celebrating.

Once she learns this valuable spiritual lesson you’ll be off the hook forever!*

*WARNING: Side effects from showing this clip to your significant other include: receiving the look of death, no Valentine’s Day lovin’, breaking up, and never being able to date anyone ever again.