Fist of Jesus – The Movie


Fist of Jesus – The Movie

Yesterday I shared the SNL spoof “DJesus Uncrossed.”

Even without knowing it was from SNL you probably could have probably figured out on your own that it wasn’t a real movie.

Well, it may not be, but it seems “Fist of Jesus” is.

Or at least its creators want it to be.

There’s not a lot of information about this on the Fist of Jesus website.

Not even a description of what it’s supposed to be about.

They are, however, collecting donations to turn their short film into a feature one.

My first guess was that this was/is some sort of joke along the lines of the SNL parody and maybe it is. But at least the existence of the short film isn’t a joke.

It’s very real.

It’s in Spanish (with English subtitles).

And [WARNING] it’s pretty gory.

Anyway, check it out for yourself, and if you’ve got any inside information on this, um, project, let me know.

Real or fake?

ONE MORE WARNING – This is pretty violent.