Fact: All Bibles (Except 1611 KJV) Are Copyright Infringement




Did you know that you do not have to understand or even be able to read Greek or Hebrew in order to translate the Bible?

In your ignorance you might have assumed that when Bible translation committees get together they pour over the oldest available Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, translate those manuscripts based on the most current scholarship available, and then through the guidance of the Holy Spirit coupled with their linguistic expertise, they make decisions on the difficult to translate words and/or passages, making sure to note the alternative translation when necessary.

Stupid you.

In truth, all Bible translation committees really get together in the dark, secret dungeons that exist underneath every major Christian publisher where they pour over copies of the 1611 KJV and conspire to locate and then change particular passages in order to conform the Bible to their liberal agenda of ushering in the anti-Christ so that they can all take over the world.

So, as Mr. Johnson astutely explains, all Bibles other than the 1611 KJV are clear examples of theologically warped copyright infringement.

Big thanks to Jason at Eisdoxan for posting his junk mail.