Every Living Nativity Needs A Santa Claus


Ever been to a living nativity?

You know, where actors stand in place of plastic figures to reenact the scene of Jesus’ birth.

I remember there was a church in Nashville when I was growing up that went all out and recreated the whole story of Jesus’ birth in a drive through experience.

They had tons of actors, elaborate sets, even camels.

But you know what they didn’t have?

You know what every living nativity scene is missing that would give it that extra touch of not just biblical accuracy, but historical realism?

Santa Claus.

Fortunately, a church in Fall River, Massachusetts recognized this ancient oversight and finally done something about it by putting Mr. Holly Jolly in his rightful place – kneeling at the manger of baby Jesus.

It actually kinda makes sense if you think about it.

I mean, obviously Jesus stole that “ask and it shall be given to you” thing from Santa.