Evange-Cube: The Latest Tool for Street Evangelism




It takes a quick Google search lot of time and effort for most people to solve a Rubik’s cube.

Understanding salvation can also be tricky, but have no fear! There’s a cube for that.

Presenting the “evange-cube” brought to you by the FBI.

No, not that FBI, but the Firm Believers In Christ. So clever.

You’re probably wondering where’s the “C”? Well as the host/creator of the evange-cube, Art Montgomery explains: the “C” is undercover like Christ.

Which leads us to the fundamental problem with this and ALL street evangelism efforts like this. (I’m looking at you Ray and Kirk)

In Mr. Montgomery’s own words: “You never see Christ in me until I open my mouth.”

That’s a problem. In fact, it’s a HUGE problem. The gospel isn’t simply something we talk about, it’s something we live. This is why Jesus says He will separate the sheep and the goats not by what we said, but by how we loved and took care of one another.

To borrow from my pastor: if you’re a Christian you shouldn’t have to tell people that you are; they should know it by how you live. Vice versa, if you have to tell everyone that you’re a Christian, then you probably have bigger problems to worry about than how many converts you are “winning for the Lord.”

Ok, sorry for the rant. Here’s the crazy video: