Divas For Jesus


We’ve all heard sermons about living one way during the week and acting a different (better) way on Sunday.

The common theme in those sermons is that that sort of inconsistent lifestyle isn’t a good thing, if not altogether antithetical to Christianity.

The WE Network apparently didn’t get that memo.

Instead, they’ve created a series called “Divas For Jesus” that celebrates a living like a heathen during the week, but a saint on Sundays.

The sad thing is this the only thing separating this show (or at least it’s premise) from actual reality is that they celebrate this sort of inconsistent hypocrisy while the rest of us live in denial and pretend like we’re not doing the exact same thing.

‘Divas for Jesus’ Reality Show to Feature Upscale Women Who Love ‘God, Guns, Gossip and Win’

ChristianNews.Net – A new reality television show is in the works that features the lives of upscale Southern women that live naughty during the week and act nice on Sunday.

The broadcast, tenatively entitled Divas for Jesus, will be carried by WE, which stands for Women’s Entertainment. According to a summary of the show that was released by the network, the women in the series are interested in more than just spirituality.

“[Divas for Jesus] follows a group of fabulous Christian women whose faith consists of guns, God, gossip and great wine,” the outline explains. “Monday through Saturday, our ensemble cast of glamorous Nashville ladies live upper class lifestyles working and playing hard. Tossing Book Club for Bible Study, these ladies get together every week, and on Sunday they ask for forgiveness and cleanse their fabulous little souls.”

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