Dallas MegaChurch Creates Business "Grinch List"



If you’re like me, you’re worried about accidentally giving money to a business that says “Happy Holidays!” instead of what Jesus said:  “Merry Christmas!”  Luckily for us, First Baptist Church in Dallas created a website for consumers to report which businesses are naughty (Happy Holidays!) and which businesses are truly celebrating Jesus’ birthday.


You can see it here at Grinch Alert!


Here’s a couple of the better “Naughty” ones so far:

Crowley City Hall – Crowley Texas
“The city hall at Crowley has GIANT letters in front of the city buildings that say “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”……I say “booooooooo”!!! Merry Christmas is the true REASON for the SEASON!!!”


Macy’s- Dallas, TX (Galleria)

“Employees would only respond with “you too” when wished a Merry Christmas.”


We would be remiss if we didn’t encourage our readers to contribute to the website….